Yoga Tantric Massage

Yoga tantra massage in Bali is the last and highest of the outer tantras, and here external rites are seen as much less important than internal practices. The empowerments given are the empowerment of the 5 Buddha families, and the empowerment of the Vajra master, and disciples must take on the commitments of the 5 buddha families, and take the tantric vows.

The path is split into 4 seals; the great seal of body, the seal of the speech of Dharma, the seal of the mind of commitment, and the seal of enlightened actions.

The principal scripture is Condensation of Thatness. Vairochana maintains his position as principal deity, but he is now envisaged as being in the centre of 5 buddha families instead of 3, each family belonging to one of the wisdom buddhas. Again, these ideas are very influential in Japan, notably Shingon buddhism.
“Yoga tantra massage in Bali is so named because it emphasizes the inner yoga meditation of method and wisdom; or alternatively, because based on knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the profound ultimate truth and the vast relative truth, it emphasizes contemplation that inseparably unites these two truths.”

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